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Digital technology and electronic media have revolutionized the medical sector, making it far more accessible than it used to be.

Mr. Liam Smith (Masters’ English, MBA) paved the road towards the formation of MUTTII Group Pty Ltd in Canberra in the year of 2022 to lead this disruptive wave (ACN 665 613 525). 

COVID brought attention to the necessity for cyber health, which catapulted technology to the epicenter of medical care for both patients and medical professionals.


We envisage a lively, collaborative atmosphere and the uptake of state-of-the-art electronic services and technologies.


Our aim is to create a much brighter future of healthcare through proper integration.

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Our Values


Our greatest achievements come from working together – this is how we thrive.


We seek to understand new and different ways to improve delivery and performance for digital health.


Open and honest communication within to promote trust and respect. We believe in sharing our knowledge and skills.


We hold ourselves accountable for upholding our values and taking ownership of our actions. Our focus is always on doing what is right and ethical.


We value and trust each other, treating everyone with care and consideration. We are confident in our ability to rely on one another, knowing that together we can accomplish great things.

Executive Team

500 9

Cynthia Prates

Senior Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer

500 4

Jenna Gonzales

Vice President and Chief
Legal Officer

500 8

Elaine Greenwood

Vice President and Chief
Operating Officer

500 7

Mohamad Hanoune

Vice President and Chief
Investment Officer

Our Divisions

Digital solutions

Managing the nation’s digital health ecosystem and its products by means of data, architecture, connections, standards, analysis, and user design.

Technology services

Managing and providing a dependable, secure, and high-quality national digital health infrastructure and health support systems.

Policy programs and engagement

Responsible for informing policies, managing external stakeholder relationships, and being the place of excellence for driving national programs, portfolio priorities and outcomes.

Corporate services

We bring together high-quality enabling services so that they are coordinated, effective and mutually reinforcing.

Build patient trust by prioritizing security

Protect your healthcare data with us

Additional Information

Integrity & Ethics

Muttii’s business is built on ethical and professional standards. Honesty and doing things correctly are important to us. That is the reason we remain strong. 

Export Control

Get information on export controls for hardware and software from Muttii. Find out the information required to send Muttii hardware and software abroad.

Supplier Portal

Find more about our supplier diversity programme, as well as our standards for supplier security and ethics.

Public Policy

Through relationships and public policy initiatives, Muttii works to enhance cybersecurity for people, businesses, and governments worldwide.


Muttii has worked hard to be ready for the GDPR enforcement date, reviewing our products, processes, data protection policies, and security controls.

Delivery Policy

Muttii Group hopes to give all of our clients who purchase digital products a dependable and fulfilling delivery experience by following this policy.