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Unlock your Productivity with Business Email Solutions by Muttii

Email and productivity services offer a seamless collaboration experience, enhanced communication, and top-notch security to empower your workforce to excel in today’s dynamic market. Muttii is at the forefront of driving business productivity, offering a diverse and customisable array of services that revolutionise the way companies operate. Our services include

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Seamless Migration

When you choose business email solutions from Muttii, our migration experts migrate your data to the new workspace, without any hiccups.

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Multiple Payment Options

Muttii has a range of pricing options. Our plans support multiple payment modes too so you can pay as per your convenience.


Setup & Deployment Support

Muttii's experts take care of setting up and configuring the new solution to fit your needs, cutting down your transition time.

Export Compliance

24X7 Technical Support

Our support is available when you need it. From providing basic info to the escalation of your tickets, we are there with you 24 X 7.

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Microsoft 365

Elevate your business productivity with Microsoft 365 and for powerful presentations, publications, and newsletters.

Protection for MSP Excellence

Google Workspace

Create a space for yourself and your team to focus on the things that matter most

Our Esteemed AI Partners

Discover our collaborations with industry leaders, each contributing to our commitment to deliver cutting-edge AI solutions.

Key Use Cases of Business Email Solutions

Efficient Collaboration

Business email solutions with integrated calendars allow you to schedule meetings, plan tasks, and organise projects seamlessly, fostering collaboration and boosting productivity.

Seamless Comms

Business email solutions offer a secure platform for facilitating smooth interactions with clients, suppliers, and partners, ultimately enhancing overall productivity.

Enhanced Productivity

You can access your productivity app from anywhere at any time. They enable you to stay connected, respond to emails, and manage tasks even when away from your desk.

Seamless Work Planning

Utilising the business email and calendar features, you can effectively plan and coordinate team activities, ensuring deadlines are met and tasks are organised.

Task Management

Business email solutions often include task management features, helping you stay on top of your responsibilities and receive timely reminders, ensuring important tasks are not overlooked.

Centralised Data Storage

Business email solutions come with cloud-based storage, providing a centralized location for storing and accessing important files and documents, promoting collaboration and easy data sharing.


Business email solutions that are part of a larger productivity suite can integrate with other essential tools like document editors, spreadsheets.