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“Individuals can and do make a difference but it takes a team to really make things superb”

Liam Smith

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Muttii Group Pty Ltd

Muttii Leadership

Our Executives

500 9

Cinthia Prates

Executive Vice Chairman

500 6

Sachin Yadav

Chief Technology Officer

500 8

Elaine Greenwood

Chief Operating Officer

500 5

Ifra Shaikh

Chief Design Officer

500 7

Mohamad Hanoune

Chief Investment Officer

500 4

Jenna Gonzales

Chief Human Resources Officer


500 3

Menna Hendi

Head of Digital Marketing

500 2

Awais Ghani

Digital Manager


500 1

Ivy Gualves

Sales Manager

Hanzala Rao

Hanzala Bin Afzal

Account Manager