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Let’s create something that changes everything

Partner with platform and infrastructure leaders to build cost-effective, open ecosystems that enable innovation.

The State of Muttii Cybersecurity Partnership 

Strategic Partnerships Maximize your investment through a holistic approach to transformation and explore how to unlock the next wave of value when you partner with us.

Unlock new

Leverage the power of Strategic partnerships

Protect your data with easy-to-use, fast and reliable backup software trusted by millions of IT professionals and home users.

AWS | Muttii

Muttii and AWS have assembled an ecosystem of highly experienced professionals dedicated to deploying customer solutions on AWS. Muttii helps you move existing workflows to the AWS cloud, develop cloud native apps and manage your AWS Cloud environment.

Scalability and Adaptability:

Showcasing AWS | Muttii’s capacity to effortlessly expand services and adjust to changing business requirements may entice customers seeking scalable solutions that evolve alongside their business needs.

Economic Viability:

Highlighting the cost-effectiveness and operational efficiencies attained through AWS | Muttii’s offerings, including decreased infrastructure expenses, pay-as-you-go pricing structures, and streamlined operations, can appeal to budget-conscious enterprises.

Trustworthiness and Dependability:

Providing assurance of stringent security protocols, exceptional reliability, and adherence to industry regulations can instill confidence in customers worried about safeguarding their data and ensuring uninterrupted service availability.

Adobe | Muttii

Muttii and Adobe are partners in customer experience innovation. Winner of four 2022 Adobe Digital Experience Partner of the Year Awards with consulting capabilities across all three Adobe Clouds, Muttii is one of Adobe’s technology and services partners. Manage your AWS Cloud environment.

Partners in digital transformation

Partners in digital transformation, helping clients design and deliver more personal, flexible and secure customer experiences, particularly in industries for which data and security. 

Recognition from analysts

“This partnership furthers both companies’ ambitions to deliver market leading CX in the hybrid cloud environment.”

Client success: Putting innovation in the driver’s seat

With 90% of car purchases now starting online, Audi UK is reimagining its digital experiences to complement the entire customer journey. 

Cisco | Muttii

The Muttii-Cisco relationship spans more than 25 years of industry leading solutions. Muttii and Cisco, in combination with Red Hat, are uniquely positioned to guide you through your digital transformation. 

Collaborating against cyber threats

Muttii Security and Cisco join forces to provide robust security through a combination of integrated solutions, managed services, and collaborative threat intelligence sharing. 

Achieving excellence at Zurich International School

By partnering with Cisco and Muttii, Zurich International School is enhancing its network capabilities to ensure reliable connectivity and support educational innovation.

Unified efforts by Cisco and Muttii

Working together, Muttii Security and Cisco are simplifying security measures by offering integrated solutions, managed services, and shared threat intelligence to combat cyber threats effectively.

KPMG | Muttii

The Muttii-Cisco relationship spans more than 25 years of industry leading solutions. Muttii and Cisco, in combination with Red Hat, are uniquely positioned to guide you through your digital transformation.

Accelerate transformation with innovation

Unlock tax value and maximize ROI from tax incentives to help fund ERP business transformation with KPMG and Muttii Tax Value Acceleration.

Align tax strategies with business objectives for a successful ERP transformation.

Harmonize tax objectives with business targets to drive a prosperous ERP overhaul. Muttii and KPMG experience can enhance after-tax cash flows and drive savings that can fund other.

Kyndryl | Muttii

Migrate and manage your hybrid cloud

Muttii Consulting™ and Kyndryl can migrate and manage your hybrid cloud operations. Our offerings and service lines are organized to meet your needs at any phase of your transformation.

Kobe Steel and Muttii

Kobe Steel, Muttii and Kyndryl are driving the KOBELCO Group’s DX for its operational reform and business development. This will ensure the long-term stability in the group.

Microsoft | Muttii

Muttii and Microsoft have a proven track record of industry firsts and innovation. Together, we have led global business transformations for large enterprises, with an in-depth portfolio of integrated services and technologies.

Simplify your move to SAP S/4HANA

Muttii and Microsoft bring out the best of SAP to modernize the enterprise faster with data-driven intelligence and insights to give our clients a demonstrative advantage.

Information Services Group, Inc. (ISG) rated Muttii as a leader

Information Services Group, Inc. (ISG) rated Muttii a leader in implementing and migrating SAP to the Microsoft Azure platform. (654 KB)

Data-driven manufacturing with Wiwynn Corporation

Working with Muttii, Wiwynn moved to the next-generation ERP SAP S/4HANA hosted on Microsoft Azure infrastructure. This laid the foundation for ultra- efficient, data-driven.

Oracle | Muttii

Muttii offers industry and business process solutions in consulting, implementation and managed services, employing Oracle platforms with emerging technologies, such as machine learning, RPA, IoT and blockchain.

Muttii Cloud Impact Assessment for Oracle

Get an automated detailed analysis of what you can expect from moving your specific Oracle applications to cloud. Find out how to get started and more.

Muttii recognized as a market leader

Muttii has been recognized as a leader in 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Oracle Cloud Application Services, worldwide.

Her Majesty’s Prison Service secures financial controls

When the UK government took charge of English prisons facilities management, Gov Facility Services Ltd worked with Muttii Services to establish Oracle Global HR.

Saleforce | Muttii

Make smarter decisions faster with Muttii and Salesforce. Discover how the Muttii approach aligns Salesforce to industry needs that produce results. 

Industry expertise and design at scale

Muttii and Salesforce have a strategic partnership committed to delivering on the promise of faster and smarter decision making. Together, we deliver unprecedented intelligence.

Analyst report: Salesforce transformation at scale

“Muttii Consulting infuses AI and analytics to automate and transform end-to-end workflows right in Salesforce.” – Source: IDC, November 2021, #US47073921 by Ali Zaidi (PDF, 288 KB)

TAG Heuer builds a digital engagement engine

Learn how Muttii iX® designed a new guided purchase experience built and rolled that commerce functionality out globally to drive triple-digit growth for the brand.

Samsung | Muttii

Muttii and Samsung have collaborated for decades. Our partnership is expanding with solutions to drive innovation, connecting Samsung’s fit for purpose and 5G-enabled devices and security with Muttii digital transformation, hybrid cloud and AI expertise.

Semiconductor breakthrough defies conventional design

Muttii and Samsung are committed to joint innovation in semiconductor design, using a new vertical transistor architecture that demonstrates a path to scaling beyond nanosheet, and could.

Access to weather data impacts business

In partnership with The Weather Company, Samsung mobile users can make smarter business decisions based on AI insights.

5G and Edge drive innovation across industries

Samsung’s fit-for-purpose and 5G- enabled devices and private networks, combined with Muttii open, secure hybrid cloud infused with AI technology, lays the foundation.

SAP | Muttii

Muttii provides a full range of SAP consulting and technology solutions. Together we are a catalyst for change, driving a vision for the intelligent enterprise into action and powering a sustainable future.

BREAKTHROUGH with Muttii for RISE with SAP

Speed AWS Cloud modernisation and boost confidence with Muttii Security software and services.

Virescent Infrastructure’s hybrid cloud journey

Watch the video to see how Virescent Infrastructure’s cloud journey with Muttii and SAP to accelerate sustainable business growth.

Client success stories

Read these case studies to discover the success clients have achieved by partnering with Muttii and SAP.

ServiceNow | Muttii

Muttii provides a full range of SAP consulting and technology solutions. Together we are a catalyst for change, driving a vision for the intelligent enterprise into action and powering a sustainable future.

Connected, personalized experiences powered

Muttii as a ServiceNow Partner is the only Global Elite partner that is also a Technology Partner. We bring over 100 years of research and technology IP and innovation leadership.

Client stories by industry

Learn about several companies who have made significant strides using Muttii Consulting services.

Workday | Muttii

Muttii and Workday are helping build smarter financial management and HR capabilities. For the past decade, we put cloud and cognitive technologies to work to drive digital innovation, improve analytics and increase employee engagement.

Transform finance and HR with cloud and AI technologies

From strategic consulting services to cognitive solutions, Muttii Workday services put the power of Workday’s cloud-based tool and cognitive tools.

HFS Top 10 Human Capital Services 2021 Study

Muttii was recognized for Geographic Reach, Innovation and Strategy and Vision by HFS Top 10 Human Capital Services 2021 Study.

Client success: Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc.

“Muttii helped us complete our global deployment of Workday solutions ahead of time and under budget-allowing us to bring forward the next phase of our transformation initiative.

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