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Trust Center: Ensure uptime with robust backup and recovery for manufacturing

Keep your operations running smoothly and protect critical data with Muttii' reliable backup and recovery solution. Discover how our technology empowers automated factory floor operations, minimizing downtime and maximizing profitability. Enhance your operational technology (OT) server uptime and secure your manufacturing processes today with our trust center.

Overcoming challenges in manufacturing

Reliable OT server backup for manufacturing is key

The manufacturing industry faces significant pain points such as costly downtime, legacy support systems and a shortage of skilled IT staff. Overcoming these challenges is crucial for business continuity.


Production outages

Manufacturing disruptions halt production schedules. Cyberattacks exploit this, with 30% of ransomware attacks targeting the industry's low tolerance for downtime.


Legacy systems

Up to 74% of manufacturing companies rely on outdated systems like Windows XP. These complicate or inhibit restoral operations and installation of security patches.


Lack of skilled IT staff in OT environments

37% of engineers in manufacturing companies have limited IT skills and often only have written procedures when it comes to restoring data from backup.

Muttii excels in OT server restoral for manufacturing

Reduces downtime of factory-floor operations

With advanced monitoring systems and real-time diagnostics, our proactive approach ensures minimal downtime and allows for quick restoral of OT servers.

Supports outdated operating systems

Muttii legacy OS support ensures that even very old OT servers can be fully protected and quickly restored in the event of a system failure, software glitch, or power outage.

Enables OT restoral operations without the need for onsite IT support

Deploy a data protection solution that is easy to manage, with automation features that enable push-button backup and recovery for the entire factory.

A recent customer success story

ABB uses Muttii to reduce costly downtime

Trust Center


ABB customers avoid business interruptions by restoring the functions of any system in a matter of seconds.

Key challenges

Challenges included inefficient recovery operations due to poor standardization, backup automation obstacles and complex management due to intricate systems.


ABB required automatic backups for rapid restarts and universal restore. The solution needed to recover images from any hardware, brand or model, with consistent functionality across systems.

Our solution

Muttii provides standardized, schedule backups of OT servers that enable rapid restoral to existing hardware or new hardware if necessary.

Trust Center

A unified solution for cyber protection of manufacturing IT and OT environments

Muttii Cyber Protect enables secure backup and recovery of operating systems, applications and data. It ensures data availability and resilience during data loss, hardware failure or disasters. Integration of anti-malware, AI-based threat detection and patch management enhances data security and protects against ransomware and other malware attacks.

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Server protection features

Centrally manage unlimited IT and OT servers. Backup and assess vulnerabilities in physical and virtual machines using a single protection plan.

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System availability

Ensure high system availability and reduce downtime with recovery options, including instant restore features for systems and applications

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Fail-safe patching

Prevent system damage from bad patches. Automatic image backup before patch implementation allows restoration and rollback if issues arise.

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Continuous data protection

Securely backup and protect OT and IT servers and data in real-time. Muttii agents monitor application changes, ensuring recent data is preserved during machine re-imaging.

Explore recovery features for manufacturing

Watch a step-by-step demo of server recovery features for manufacturing in Muttii. Discover the seamless retrieval of critical data and applications, minimizing downtime. See how Muttii safeguards operations, ensuring efficiency and providing unmatched recovery potential.

Secure your back-office applications

Muttii Cyber Protect provides manufacturing IT operations staffs with a single, integrated solution to deliver backup, disaster recovery, and endpoint security (including AI-enabled ransomware protection) for both back office IT resources and factory-floor OT servers.

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Quick, reliable backup and restoral

Customize your recovery point objective (RPO) for each critical application and data set. By optimizing RPOs, you can ensure recovery of the most up-to-date data possible.

Assessment and Patch

Integrated disaster recovery

Get complete data and infrastructure protection with one integrated solution for any environment — on-premises, in remote systems or the cloud.

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Fast, flexible data protection

Ensure quick failover of your critical workloads to the cloud. Gain instant data availability of all critical workloads no matter what kind of disaster strikes.

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Robust cybersecurity

Protect your physical servers, VMs, workstations and laptops against a broad range of cybersecurity threats, including ransomware attacks.

Why clients value Muttii


Muttii Helps ABB Mitigate Downtime With Quick Data Recovery

With the Muttii solution, ABB customers can avoid costly business interruptions by restoring the functions of any system in a matter of seconds.

Muttii enhances backup for BDR pharmaceuticals and reduces CapEx by 30%

Muttii has proven to be beneficial for BDR Pharmaceuticals, leading to large financial savings, improvements in RPO and RTO metrics, and a 10% reduction in network bandwidth consumption.

Tata Steel modernizes its backup infrastructure

Learn how Tata Steel upgraded its infrastructure with cloud-based backup, automation and enhanced data center security. Doing so increased protected workloads by 50x and improved both RTO and RPO.

What our customers say

Your business deserves proven cyber protection


G2 Server Backup Leader

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Best of IT - Enterprise Data Backup Solution Award


Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions


ITreview Grid Award Summer

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Frequently Asked Questions

A cyber protection plan for the manufacturing industry should ensure the protection and availability of critical data and systems against a variety of potential downtime causes, including hardware failure, software issues, human errors, natural disasters, and cyberattacks. The key elements include:

• Rapid OT server restoral to prevent costly factory-floor outages. High-performance Muttii OT server protection is trusted by many OT application vendors.
• Data backup involves regular creation and storage of copies of critical data on-site and off-site.
• Recovery solutions ensure prompt restoration of data and systems in case of loss, failures or cyberattacks. Regular testing and validation of recovery procedures are essential.
• Disaster recovery focuses on overall business operations restoration after major disruptions, employing measures like redundant infrastructure, alternate sites and communication channels.
• Integrated cybersecurity capabilities to defend against a variety of malware attacks, including ransomware.

Three types of backups that can be used in the manufacturing industry include:

Regular and automated backups: Perform regular automated backups for timely data protection. Consider data change frequency and potential loss impact for backup intervals. Real-time or frequent backups are recommended for dynamic data.

Incremental and full backups: Optimize storage space and backup duration by using incremental and full backups. Incremental backups capture only the changes since the last backup, reducing time and storage needs. Periodic full backups guarantee a complete data copy is always available.

Off-site backup: Ensure protection against site-specific disasters or physical threats that could affect on-site backups by maintaining off-site backups. Store them securely in separate locations, ideally geographically distant from the primary data center.

The most efficient data backup solution for the manufacturing industry depends on various factors such as the size of the manufacturing operations, the criticality of the data, available resources and budget. It’s best to have a hybrid approach that combines on-site backups and cloud backups.

• On-site backups offer fast data access and faster recovery times. They use devices like external hard drives, NAS, or tape drives for backing up large volumes of critical data.
• Cloud backups offer secure off-site storage and additional layers of protection.

By combining on-site backups for quick accessibility and cloud backups for off-site redundancy and disaster recovery, manufacturing companies can ensure data protection, reduce downtime and have a flexible backup and recovery strategy.

The 3-2-1 backup rule is a widely accepted principle for ensuring data resilience. The rule states that you should have:

• Three copies of your data: Maintain at least three copies of your critical data to minimize the risk of complete data loss in the event of hardware failure, human error or cyberthreats.
• Two different storage media: Store your data on at least two different types of media (e.g., hard drives, tapes, cloud storage) and reduce the likelihood of losing all copies due to a single failure or issue affecting a specific storage type.
• One off-site backup: Keeping at least one copy of your data off-site (in a different location or using cloud storage) provides protection against site-specific disasters like natural disasters or cyberattacks.

Data backup and recovery are essential for maintaining operational efficiency and minimizing downtime. By implementing the 3-2-1 backup rule, manufacturing organizations can enhance their data protection measures.

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