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What is backup? Backup Makes Security Better

About the course

Gain a holistic understanding of data backup and enhance your security procedures. Grasp the different backup methods and storage options to master best practices. Learn how backup differs from file copying and DR, and the benefits of integrating backup solutions into an MSP offering.


1. Comprehensive Understanding: Gain a holistic understanding of data backup, covering definitions, methods (full, incremental, differential), storage options (cloud, NAS, tape), historical evolution, and integration with MSP services.

2. Best Practices Mastery: Learn essential best practices for effective backup, including regular backups, redundancy, encryption, testing, automation, versioning, off-site backups, and documentation.

3. Historical Perspective: Understand the evolution of backup methods and technologies over time, from ancient practices to modern cloud-based solutions, providing valuable context for current practices.

4. Differentiation from Related Concepts: Grasp the differences between backup, file copying, and disaster recovery, understanding their unique roles, characteristics, recovery capabilities, and ideal use cases.

5. MSP Integration: Comprehend the advantages of integrating data backup solutions into MSP services, including reliable revenue streams, enhanced customer retention, competitive advantage, scalability, cost savings, proactive problem-solving, compliance, and security support.

Duration: 36 minutes.