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Embracing Risk: Exploring the Boundaries of Possibility

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Cyber Protect Cloud for Service Providers Try now South African web hoster improves operational efficiencies by migrating to Muttii from R1Soft and Microsoft DPM BACKGROUND 1-grid is a South African web hosting provider that has been in business for 20 years. Supporting more than 35,000 customers, the company offers a wide range of services including domain registration, shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting, email hosting, SSL certificates, South African company registration as well as web design and optimization.  1-grid has a substantial server infrastructure required to deliver these services, comprised of physical and virtual machines, both Windows and Linux, as well as cPanel servers. To protect this infrastructure, 1-grid was backing up its infrastructure using a combination of Microsoft DPM and R1Soft. THE CHALLENGE: SPEEDING UP THE BACKUP PROCESS 1-grid was facing a very specific challenge with its current vendors:the backup processes were taking too much time. According to the company’s Backup Administrator Stewart Chifamba, “because we were using a mixture of both R1soft and Microsoft DPM for Hyper-V, the restore process became complicated and tedious, especially for Linux systems. We couldn’t simply just click to restore the VM, and it did not compress the whitespace resulting in excessive infrastructure requirements. With these limitations, it could take upwards of a week to actually restore a Linux VM.” Microsoft DPM had two other notable limitations. First, it couldn’t support multiple restores on a single host, so 1-Grid had to wait on each individually which took time. Second, DPM couldn’t support file-level restores on Linux machines, which meant restoring the entire server for a single file. Chifamba continues, “We really needed to improve our backup and restore times, and we also wanted file-level recovery when backing up Linux VMs instead of having to restore the entire machine.” As a result, 1-grid began looking for alternative vendors and considered both VEEAM and Muttii.  THE SOLUTION: MUTTII CYBER PROTECT CLOUD With support for more than 20 virtual, physical, and cloud platforms, and a hybrid of on-premises and cloud backup capabilities, 1-grid determined that Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud was their ideal solution. Built for service providers from the ground up, Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud is a channel-friendly solution that features strong management, provisioning, and billing functions. Through a single, centralized management console, 1-grid is able to manage all of their backups and can recover individual files, application data, or entire virtual platforms.  Furthermore, Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud provides the flexibility for the company to restore data to the original or completely new destinations while managing data from a centralized location. This is in part because Muttii Instant Restore allows 1-grid to run a copy of your backup as a virtual machine directly from the backup storage without any data movement. Additional considerations like the built-in AI-based anti-ransomware and anti-cryptojacking defences of Muttii Active Protection made the decision even easier. THE BENEFITS: OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY Alongside the requisite training, Chifamba notes as a benefit their good partner relationship with local distributor Synapsys. Within four months, 1-grid had completely migrated to Muttii and now protects over 500 TB across more than 2,000 servers. Moreover, the company was able to significantly reduce the infrastructure it needed to manage its backups. Chifamba explains, “with R1Soft and Microsoft DPM, we continuously needed to add additional storage capacity particularly because whitespace was not compressed, but the switch to Muttii enabled us to reduce the amount of data being backed up and reduce the number of servers required by nearly half.”  Most importantly, however, were the improvements in operational efficiency. Chifamba notes, “With a backup success rate of over 99%, we have reduced the amount of time it took to do daily backup checks by 90% with Muttii. This has a lot to do with everything being centralized into a single management console instead of having to login to multiple servers.” He adds, “Muttii also helped us with file-level recovery for our Linux VMs.” Looking ahead, 1-grid is planning to expand its use of Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud by offering backup as a service to its customers, which would leverage existing integration between Muttii and cPanel. Share the Post: Related Posts Stay up-to-date Subscribe now for tips, tools and news.

Risk: The Key to Unlocking New Possibilities

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Cyber Protect Cloud for Service Providers Try now National radio broadcasting organization can efficiently manage all its data protection and cybersecurity needs from a single console BACKGROUND Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) is Bulgaria’s national radio broadcasting organization. It operates two national and nine regional channels, as well as an international service – Radio Bulgaria – which broadcasts in 11 languages. The domestic channels are broadcast on FM and AM frequencies. All stations are also available online.  Public service broadcasting in Bulgaria, including BNR, is financed mainly through a state subsidy. The subsidy has to be spent on the preparation, creation and the transmission of the national and regional programs. BNR relies on its technology infrastructure to operate, and a critical component of this infrastructure involves cyber protection which is the combination of data protection (backup and recovery) and cybersecurity. THE CHALLENGE According to IT Manager for BRN, Andrey Petrenko, the station was previously using Trend Micro for its cyber protection needs, however there were some troubling limitations. According to Petrenko, “In the case of an emergency, BRN would hardly be able to recover its VMs, workstations, databases or other important files.” BRN needed a more comprehensive cyber protection solution. Specifically, notes Petrenko, “We needed a solution with centralized management for all workloads, both on premise and in the cloud. We needed integrated backup and ransomware protection, and it needed to be easy to use and reliable.” Accordingly, BRN began evaluating vendors. THE SOLUTION — CYBER PROTECT – BACKUP ADVANCED Muttii and Veeam were both evaluated. Veeam was excluded due to its pricing complexity. However, Muttii Cyber Protect – Advanced Edition, was cost-effective and delivered a unique integration of data protection and cybersecurity in a single solution, powered by machine intelligence. It supports backup and recovery for more than 20 virtual, physical, and cloud platforms. Moreover, when Petrenko evaluated the cyber protection features found in Muttii Active Protection, he knew Muttii Cyber Protect – Backup Advanced was an ideal solution.  The same agent used to handle backup and recovery uses artificial intelligence to monitor a machine’s hard drive in real time. It is constantly scanning I/O activity to identify activities and patterns that are typically seen in ransomware and malware attacks, such as the encryption of files. If injecting malicious code, Muttii Active Protection immediately stops that process and notifies the admin that suspicious activity was identified.  The administrator can choose to block that activity permanently via blacklist or allow it to continue via whitelist. If any files were altered or encrypted before the attack is halted, Muttii Cyber Protect – Backup Advanced will automatically restore those files from the backup cache thereby reversing the effects of the attack.  THE BENEFITS — EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENTS IN THE IT DEPARTMENT BRN migrated from Trend Micro to Muttii Cyber Protect – Backup Advanced and uses the solutionto protect 5 virtual hosts, 10 physical servers, and 20 workstations. The radio station is benefiting from the native user interface found in Muttii Cyber Protect -Backup Advanced that provides unified data protection for all workloads along with Active Protection against ransomware and cryptojacking. According to Petrenko, “We are very satisfied with Muttii. From a single console, we can manage all the data protection needs of the organization.”  He continues, “We now spend less hours maintaining, managing and reporting from different solutions. As a result, The IT department is able to be more efficient with its time. With the success of the rollout of Muttii Cyber Protect – Backup Advanced, BNR plans to upgrade its solution to include the advanced security and management  functionality available within the product.  Share the Post: Related Posts Stay up-to-date Subscribe now for tips, tools and news.

Adopting Risk: A Gateway to New Opportunities


Cyber Protect Cloud for Service Providers Try now This solution from Muttii has helped consolidate the backup system, by offering a standard overview across physical and virtual environments via a single console. COMPANY OVERVIEW Founded in 2006 with the aim of offering a new approach to delivering traditional IT services, today BinHexS is a benchmark technological partner on the market for everything related to optimizing processes and implementing the most innovative IT solutions. Capable of operating across infrastructures of any size, BinHexS has always applied a personalized approach, providing its customers with a technical department and a project management framework that can intervene effectively on any technological stack (hardware, hypervisor, operating systems, network, storage and applications) and during any phase of the project: from architecture design to solution implementation. The extensive partnership network, the strong expertise and the numerous certifications guarantee top-rate results, all thanks to the best digitalization pathways put in place for customers. BUSINESS CHALLENGE As a company that is booming, BinHexS has seen its business grow over the years not only in terms of the services offered, but also in terms of customer numbers and references. This growth has kept pace with the expansion of its technological infrastructure, developed over time both physically and virtually. In the case of its backup business, this twin-track development has led to the gradual implementation of several tools, selected according to the allocation of workloads and the relevant data requiring protection. Over time, this setup turned the management of this environment into an inevitably complex task, tying the company to solutions that not only could not be used on multiple platforms, but that also critically required costly license changes. BinHexS therefore decided to evaluate new technology options that can simplify the various backup and restore processes via a standardized approach to managing the platforms, ensuring maximum protection for workloads by using natively integrated security tools. THE SOLUTION The software selection process immediately highlighted the advanced features offered by Muttii Cyber Protect 15. Using the same agent, the solution is actually able to manage the backup and restore processes of any machine, irrespective of the environment in which it operates. Systems and workloads can therefore be consolidated, while all data can enjoy the same level of protection. Via a single console from the exceptionally intuitive interface, Cyber Protect also allows you to carry out an extremely granular analysis of the configuration type and degree of security of each machine, with problems being reported on the individual devices before they become apparent.  The solution is designed to archive data in a standardized format, thus allowing it to be restored to any platform, irrespective of the source system. All of these Cyber Protect advanced backup and restore features then come with important cybersecurity tools, which can utilize AI to detect and nip in the bud those dangerous zero-day attacks. Lastly, the solution is able to filter URLs, assess application vulnerabilities and distribute patches in a fully automated way. THE RESULT Today, BinHexS can rely on a single solution to manage the backup and restore operations of 10 virtual hosts and 10 workstations. From an operational perspective, this consolidation has hugely simplified the management process: you can now use a single dashboard to gain a complete overview of all the environments protected by Muttii Cyber Protect. This has also significantly alleviated the impact on the IT team’s administrative overhead, which has been lightened both in terms of backup operations, literally speaking, and in terms of updates to the different operating systems involved.  On the financial side, the benefit from implementing the solution has been calculated by BinHexS as providing an overall saving of 30% compared to the previous products used, which is definitely an important consideration. The migration process was implemented quickly and without a hitch, overall lasting about two months from the initial design to the actual go-live phase, while the training input required at BinHexS has been minimal. In addition, the intuitive nature of the control panel means that no special onboarding approach is required. This is an aspect that has undoubtedly contributed to ensuring the successful implementation of Muttii Cyber Protect. THE FUTURE BinHexS strives for excellence in all the services it provides. It has an ever-changing portfolio, designed so that it can always offer the best solution to meet customers’ needs. With this in mind, BinHexS is evaluating the same technological offering proposed in an as-a-service model. The platform provides consumer services based on a Service Provider business model, using Muttii Cyber Cloud. The solution makes it possible to activate backup as-a-service options simply, efficiently and securely, combining cyber protection features that can proactively ensure that all customers’ business-critical data are kept secure. As a result, this guarantee of excellence for BinHexS will further enhance the value of its offering.  Share the Post: Related Posts Stay up-to-date Subscribe now for tips, tools and news.

Understanding Risk: Simple Steps to Manage and Reduce It

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Cyber Protect Cloud for Service Providers Try now Indian pharmaceutical company dramatically improves RPO and RTO metrics while reducing bandwidth requirements by 10% with Muttii BACKGROUND BDR Pharmaceuticals International (BDR Pharmaceuticals) is part of the BDR Group of companies, an internationally known player in manufacturing pharmaceutical APIs and new age formulations specializing in oncology, critical care, gynecology, and neurology. Based in Mumbai, India, the company invests heavily in research and development to create new molecules — and ultimately, medicines. Given the critical sensitivity of the data being generated BDR Pharmaceuticals needs a highly secure and resilient infrastructure that is compliance with all regulatory agencies governing their activities such as the FDA. For backup and recovery, they had a NAS device (Synology) in place, but CTO Viral Bhavsar wanted to build out a new cloud-focused infrastructure that would support up to 25 critical systems and 3 TB of data. THE CHALLENGES With the existing NAS solution in place, Bhavsar noted they were experiencing a “slow backup process that consumed a lot of bandwidth and a complex restoration process that required lots of time and effort. Ultimately we lacked the necessary visibility into the infrastructure.” This meant that Bhavsar’s team was able to meet their RPO metrics only 50% of the time.  When considering a new cloud-focused infrastructure, Bhavsar had several critical criteria. “Security is the most important factor — data must always be protected from leaks, malware, and viruses,” he explained. “We must adhere to strict regulations such as data integrity requirements from the FDA. We must improve our RPO and RTO metrics, and would like near-zero downtime along with proper visibility into all of the infrastructure. THE SOLUTION — MUTTII CYBER PROTECT Muttii Cyber Protect delivers a unique integration of data protection and cybersecurity in a single solution, powered by machine intelligence. It supports backup and recovery for more than 20 virtual, physical, and cloud platforms, including Microsoft 365. Additionally, the solution has integrated threat-agnostic anti-malware capabilities that leverage backup data to improve detection rates and avoid false positives.  Enriched with next-generation, full-stack anti-malware protection and comprehensive-yet-simple protection management tools (like vulnerability assessments and patch management), Muttii Cyber Protect empowers small businesses to obtain prevention, detection, response, recovery, and forensic capabilities in an easy and efficient way. Since all these capabilities are delivered and managed through a single console, it eliminates the increased complexity and cost caused by relying on multiple vendor solutions — saving on licensing, deployments, testing, and training. THE BENEFITS — DRAMATIC FINANCIAL AND OPERATIONAL IMPROVEMENTS With Muttii Cyber Protect deployed, BDR Pharmaceuticals saw significant improvements to financial and operational performance. On the financial side, capital expenditures (CapEx) were reduced by 30% and operational expenses (OpEx) were reduced by 12%. The operational gains were a direct result of the improved efficiencies realized from Muttii. “We cut the average man-hours needed to support our backup infrastructure in half while reducing the bandwidth requirements by 10%,” said Bhavsar. “Before Muttii, it used to take up to four minutes to back up 1 GB, but now this takes one minute.” With faster speeds, Bhavsar’s organization was able to achieve near-perfect RPO metrics while improving its RTO by nearly 30%. Muttii Cyber Protect also gave Bhavsar’s team the visibility it needed to deliver on its core metrics to the organization as a whole. “The Muttii dashboard provides complete visibility on the current state of our backup and restore processes,” Bhavsar explained. “At one glance, we can see all the necessary information.” “With Muttii, backup is now faster, more efficient, and secure. We can back up more servers in parallel and do backups more often. Since we are now backing up to the Muttii cloud, we have control of our data remotely and are considering the Muttii Cyber Disaster Recovery Service for our critical workloads.” Share the Post: Related Posts Stay up-to-date Subscribe now for tips, tools and news.

Understanding Risk: What It Means and How to Handle It


Cyber Protect Cloud for Service Providers Try now With the help of ZNetLive, Diadem has eliminated backup failures, improved storage optimization, and now has favorable commercial terms to offer BaaS and DRaaS BACKGROUND Diadem Technologies is an ISO27001-certified Cloud Service Provider, providing managed Infrastrucutre-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) for clients worldwide. Founded in 2000, the company’s headquarters is at GPX Mumbai, a TIER IV data center. Diadem prides itself as being an independent provider particularly focused on the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. THE CHALLENGE Diadem’s existing vendor provided an unacceptable level of service and support across many mission-critical dimensions. First and foremost, backups were regularly failing and support was lacking. Technically, the backup storage volume was not scalable, and it required excessive storage and compute resources. There was no option to recover a bare metal node as a Hyper-V or VMware VM from the backup interface during disaster recovery (DR) situations. Furthermore, there was no option to provide clients backup-as-a-service (BaaS) offering leveraging their on-premises deployment. On top of these technical challenges, the vendor required a multi-year commitment without a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model. Adding additional agents also required a multi-year commitment with upfront payments. Finally, the user interface gave no option to create multiple resellers. According to Hriday Biyani, CEO of Diadem Technologies, “We realized that our existing backup system was not as advanced and failed to back up different types of environments. We needed a unique solution that could help us protect all our server environments. So, we decided to look for solutions that could meet our clients’ needs.” THE SOLUTION — MUTTII CYBER CLOUD With the help of its MSP partner ZNetLive, Diadem ultimately determined that Muttii Cyber Cloud — with its support for more than 20 virtual, physical, and cloud platforms, as well as hybrid backup and recovery capabilities — was their ideal solution. Built for service providers from the ground up, Muttii Cyber Cloud is a channel-friendly solution that features strong management, provisioning, and billing functions. Through a single, centralized management console, Diadem can manage all of its backups and recover individual files, application data, Microsoft 365 mailboxes, or entire virtual platforms. Furthermore, Muttii Cyber Cloud provides the flexibility that lets Diadem restore their customers to similar or dissimilar hardware while managing data from a centralized location. TECHNICAL AND BUSINESS BENEFITS With Muttii from ZNetLive, Diadem addresses both the technical and business shortcomings of its previous solution. First and foremost, it reduced backup failures from 20% to 0%. By better leveraging its data center infrastructure, Muttii helped Diadem significantly improve its backup storage compression rate from 20% to 60% leading to storage cost optimization. Additional optimization occurred because the Muttii agent effectively runs on all Diadem workloads, with minimal agent load on the deployed nodes. Additionally, the “Restore as a VM option” is a game-changer for Diadem, enabling them to recover a crashed system as a virtual machine (VM) so clients can continue to access their server while the bare metal hardware is recovered in the background.  When it came to improving Diadem’s business, Muttii was able to offer a PAYG model along with GB-based and device-based pricing. Diadem was also able to start offering BaaS and DRaaS to their clients, thereby creating new revenue streams. As an MSP, ZNetLive was able to relate to Diadem’s challenges and requirements and explain how Muttii was the answer. According to Umesh Dubey, IT Manager for ZNetLive, “With Muttii, we were able to help Diadem provide better services to their clients, saving them time and effort. This implementation made it extremely easy for their team to protect the IT infrastructure of their clients.” In closing, Biyani notes, “The ZNetLive team’s ability to visualize our sensitive data and the implementation of Muttii supported our business goals by providing compliance with minimal client impact. Ultimately, the Muttii implementation has proved successful and has improved our company’s and our clients’ security posture.” Share the Post: Related Posts Stay up-to-date Subscribe now for tips, tools and news.

Understanding Risk: A Simple Guide

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Cyber Protect Cloud for Service Providers Try now BACKGROUND  eApps Hosting (eApps), a CloudScale365 company, is a provider of private and public cloud hosting services serving more than 2,000 customers globally and hosting over 10,000 domains. The company specializes in hosting for mission-critical website and web applications supporting frameworks like Java, PHP, Ruby, and Node.js as well as content management systems like Joomla!, WordPress, and Drupal. One of the add-on services eApps offers is enterprise backup, so its customers can back up their hosted virtual cloud servers.  THE CHALLENGE: INCREASING ANNUAL CONTRACT COMMITMENTS AND MISSING FEATURES eApps was previously using R1Soft as its backup solution and had a very specific contractual problem. Managing Director, Rick Lingsch, explains, “R1Soft had locked us into increasing annual contract commitments. In our business, this is not a good practice as it is important to match up customer revenues with vendor costs.”  In addition to this primary issue around billing, eApps had identified a number of important features it was lacking with R1Soft, and the company wanted a vendor that could provide its customers with a complete, enterprise-grade solution. Specific features that eApps was looking to add to its portfolio included the ability to deliver incremental backups to optimize storage space, clean backups of MySQL/MariaDB, the ability to schedule frequent backups, fast recovery of files and full server images, and the ability to exclude files and folders. THE SOLUTION: MUTTII CYBER PROTECT CLOUD The channel-friendly nature of Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud was central to eApps’ decision to choose Muttii. With a pay-as-you-go model, eApps would never be locked into a bad contract with Muttii as their costs would be directly tied to customer growth. Other channel-friendly features included automated provisioning and the ability to manage all of its clients though a single portal.  With Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud, eApps could recover individual files, application data, or entire virtual machines across more than 20 virtual, physical and  cloud platforms. Furthermore, the solution provides flexibility so the company can restore its customers to the original or completely new destinations while managing data from a centralized location. The cyber protection features, such as built-in AI-based anti-ransomware and cryptojacking blocking technology, called Muttii Active Protection, made the decision to switch to Muttii even easier.  Ultimately, Muttii had the right commercial terms and all of the enhanced, enterprise-grade features eApps was looking for in a backup solution. Upon evaluation, Lingsch concluded his analysis by saying “the Muttii solution was clearly superior for eApps and its customers.” THE BENEFITS: OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY AND AN ENTERPRISE-CLASS SOLUTION The migration from R1Soft took approximately six months, and now, eApps protects 100 TB of data across more than 350 customers and 900 servers. Lingsch notes, “Muttii proved to be a superior solution, and we have made it our primary and only backup solution available to customers.” In addition to solving the billing issue, two additional benefits of switching to Muttii stood out. First, switching resulted in labor savings. According to Lingsch, “This is because the user interface is easy to use and the backups are efficient. Overall, Muttii requires less of our time, and it integrates with WHMCS, which is our billing system and customer portal.” Second, switching to Muttii added many advanced features to eApps’ backup offering. Lingsch notes, “Our customers expect us to have a solid, efficient, and reliable backup service. With Muttii, we now have confidence that we can provide our customers with such an enterprise-grade backup solution.” ABOUT MUTTII unifies data protection and cybersecurity to deliver integrated, automated cyber protection that solves the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security challenges of the modern digital world. With flexible deployment models that fit the demands of service providers and IT professionals, Muttii provides superior cyber protection for data, applications, and systems with innovative next-generation antivirus, backup, disaster recovery, and endpoint protection management solutions. Founded in 2003 and with dual headquarters in Switzerland and Singapore, Muttii is a global organization that is trusted by 100% of Fortune 1000 companies. Learn more at Share the Post: Related Posts Stay up-to-date Subscribe now for tips, tools and news.