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Corporate Health

Ensuring scale without the costs and complexities. Control, Centralise and Scale. This is our secret recipe.


the clinical setup

Risk Assessment

Identify and evaluate potential cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities specific to the corporate health environment.

Policy Development

Create comprehensive cybersecurity policies and protocols that comply with industry regulations and standards.

Technology Implementation

Deploy advanced security technologies, including firewalls, antivirus software, encryption tools, and secure access controls.

Employee Training

Conduct regular training sessions to educate staff on cybersecurity best practices, threat recognition, and response procedures.

Monitoring and Management

Establish continuous monitoring systems to detect and respond to security incidents in real-time.

Regular Audits and Updates

Perform routine security audits and update policies and technologies to adapt to evolving threats and maintain compliance.

Strategic partners

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AWS Global Innovation Partner of the Year

Muttii’s data and application modernisation, analytics and AI solutions plus customer service transformation drive better patient outcomes, regulatory compliance and overall efficiency.

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Go gold to help customers manage their green

Muttii Consulting’s Gold Partner status with Microsoft includes deep healthcare industry expertise to deliver differentiated customer experiences across channels, products and services.

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Healthcare transformation to adapt to changing environments

Muttii Consulting and Salesforce enable high impact opportunities for fast optimization. Making crucial changes quickly improves patient and customer experience, optimizes staff time and supports decision making.

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What your ERP can do for a new healthcare model

Muttii Consulting has SAP experts to help ensure that you get the most from your SAP investments and that you are able to ensure compliance, manage financial performance and control costs.

Digital transformation

Data Encryption

Ensuring all patient data is encrypted both in transit and at rest to protect against unauthorized access.

Access Control

Implementing strict access controls and authentication measures to ensure only authorized personnel can access sensitive information.

Network Security

Protecting the healthcare network with firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular security audits.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Establishing reliable backup solutions and disaster recovery plans to ensure data integrity and availability during emergencies.

Compliance Management

Ensuring all cybersecurity measures comply with relevant healthcare regulations and standards, such as HIPAA.

Employee Training

Providing ongoing training and awareness programs to educate staff on best practices for cybersecurity and how to recognize potential threats.


End To End support

Risk Assessments

Conduct comprehensive evaluations of potential security vulnerabilities and threats specific to day surgeries.

Data Encryption

Implement robust encryption protocols for protecting sensitive patient data during storage and transmission.

Network Security

Deploy firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and secure Wi-Fi to safeguard the clinic’s network infrastructure.

Compliance Management

Assist with adhering to healthcare regulations like HIPAA, ensuring all practices meet mandatory cybersecurity standards.

Incident Response

Develop and maintain a detailed plan for responding to cyber incidents, including data breaches, to minimize impact and recovery time.

Endpoint Protection

Ensure all devices, including computers and medical equipment, have up-to-date antivirus and anti-malware software.

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