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Safeguarding Your Data Against Insider Threats

Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) on Cloud with inDefend Advanced

What is inDefend Advanced?

inDefend Advanced is a comprehensive end-point employee behaviour and monitoring software that observes the exchange of sensitive information through internal and external channels across diverse hardware platforms and operating systems. Utilising data gathered from a range of end-point sensors, administrators can implement rules and policies to monitor employees suspected of engaging in inappropriate activities, as well as regulate the movement of sensitive information.

This Data Leakage Prevention software establishes transparency of all digital assets within the organisation, ensuring maximum security and robust protection against potential threats throughout the organisational landscape.

Explore inDefend Advanced Plans & Features

Data Leakage Prevention(DLP)
  • Dashboard with Unified Console
  • Multi-Platform Support
  • Policy System
  • Reporting System
  • Screenshot Monitoring
  • Track Web & Application Usage

Data Leakage Prevention(DLP)
  • Dashboard with Unified Console
  • Multi-Platform Support
  • Policy System
  • Reporting System
  • Screenshot Monitoring
  • Track Web & Application Usage
  • BCC email tracking
  • Track corporate email usage
  • Misuse detection of corporate accounts.
  • Email data security and leakage prevention.

Empower your Business with Data Leakage Prevention on the Cloud

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Data Leakage Protection

- Advanced blocking and monitoring controls.
- No unauthorised data transfers.

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Data Privacy Adherence

- Data at rest scan.
- Scan and secure network data.


Data Classification

- Content analysis engine classifies documents based on sensitive content.
- Integration with 3rd party tools like Titus, Bolden James facilitates incident detection and blocking.

Supplier Portal

Employee Productivity Monitoring and Application Control

- Employee productivity monitoring platform.
- Insights to manage work to boost productivity.

Export Compliance

Employee Activity/Behavior Monitoring

- Employee activities and behaviour monitoring.
- Identification of suspicious or non-compliant activities.

Protection for MSP Excellence

Employee Surveillance

- Efficient employee surveillance with real-time visibility
- Prompt response to potential security risks or policy violations.

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Safeguard Critical Business Assets

Work from Home Controls

Protect intellectual property, patient health records, and personal information like Aadhar and Social Security Numbers with inDefend

Secure Your Financial Data

Centralised Management

Ensure the security of sensitive financial details, including credit and debit card information, to maintain customer trust.

Confidential Business Transactions

Cloud Ready

Safeguard information related to mergers, acquisitions, and strategic planning, ensuring the confidentiality of product launches and design schematics.

Integrity of Marketing Strategies

Management App for CXO

Use inDefend to protect confidential discount and coupon codes, preserving the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and revenue streams.

Shield Your Data, Supercharge Your Business

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