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More than 100 clinic installs to our name. Get it right with our experts the first time.


the clinical setup

We know the pressure of running a general practice and as such, we are committed to delivering reliable technology support in both an efficient and quick manner.

Patch this, update that, restart the computer, check your backups, printer is not working, am I compliant with the new legislation etc… You look after your patients, we look after the IT.

We know what you’re thinking. You would rather see your patients, run your clinic, do anything else but try and figure out what pinging a host name is or running an after hours update.

Different pricing plans for different requirements but never a hidden cost. We believe in keeping the bills simple, humanised and clear.

If you want to design your own network solution, find all the hardware parts that integrate together, review the floor plans, setup your apps etc.. then go for it. Or call us.

Think of cyber security as the insurance you need but you hope you will never need to use. It’s an investment that stops your patient records from ending up on Google.

Strategic partners

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AWS Global Innovation Partner of the Year

Muttii’s data and application modernisation, analytics and AI solutions plus customer service transformation drive better patient outcomes, regulatory compliance and overall efficiency.

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Go gold to help customers manage their green

Muttii Consulting’s Gold Partner status with Microsoft includes deep healthcare industry expertise to deliver differentiated customer experiences across channels, products and services.

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Healthcare transformation to adapt to changing environments

Muttii Consulting and Salesforce enable high impact opportunities for fast optimization. Making crucial changes quickly improves patient and customer experience, optimizes staff time and supports decision making.

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What your ERP can do for a new healthcare model

Muttii Consulting has SAP experts to help ensure that you get the most from your SAP investments and that you are able to ensure compliance, manage financial performance and control costs.

Digital transformation

Quick Response Time

We know medical centres operate in high pressure environments so our service workflows ensure a quick and efficient response time to any IT related query.

Flexible Pricing

Not all the clinics are the same size or have the same requirements. We offer a range of flexible support services to meet different clinics and their requirements.

Guaranteed Quality

Just check our Service Level Agreement (SLA). We offer guarantees around the quality of service and the response time to ensure business continuity.

Complete IT Support

Complete IT is a holistic approach to supporting GP clinics in Australia. It includes the hardware, software, clinical applications, integrations and RACGP standards.

Cloud Hosting Services

We offer multiple hosting solutions from Cloud for Health to AWS which ensure a secure and reliable user experience without the needs of servers or expensive hardware.

New Clinic Setup

Use us to implement the internet, hardware, software, fit out requirements, documentation and all other technology aspects so you can go live seamlessly and on time.


End To End support

Private Practice IT Setup

Streamline your private practice with our comprehensive IT solutions. From secure patient data management to seamless appointment scheduling, our services ensure your practice operates efficiently and securely. Trust our expertise to enhance patient care and optimise workflows with cutting-edge technology tailored for the healthcare sector to create a modern, functional, and compliant clinical space.

Cloud Computing & Mobility

Unlock the future of healthcare with Cloud Computing & Mobility. Enhance clinical setups with seamless data access, improved patient care, and streamlined operations. Our innovative solutions ensure secure, real-time information sharing, empowering healthcare professionals to deliver efficient and personalized treatment anytime, anywhere. Transform your practice today!

Cyber Protection

Safeguard patient data and ensure operational continuity with our advanced cyber protection solutions. Designed specifically for healthcare and clinical setups, our cyber protection technology services offer robust security, compliance with regulations, and real-time threat detection to keep your sensitive information safe and secure. Protect what matters to you the most.

IT Support Services

Our IT Support Services in the healthcare sector ensure seamless clinical operations. From system integration to cybersecurity, we provide 24/7 support, enhancing patient care and operational efficiency. Trust us to keep your healthcare technology running smoothly and securely.

Technology Audits

Enhance efficiency and patient care with comprehensive technology audits tailored for the healthcare sector and clinical setups. Identify gaps, streamline processes, and ensure compliance with industry standards. Trust our expert team to keep your technology running smoothly and your patients safe.

Backup Solutions

Ensure the safety and integrity of your sensitive healthcare data with our advanced backup solutions. Designed for clinical setups, our system guarantees reliable, real-time data protection, seamless recovery, and compliance with healthcare regulations. Safeguard patient information and maintain continuity effortlessly.

Accreditations we are Proud of


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