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About the course

Don't let ransomware hold you hostage. Learn how to protect yourself and your clients from this growing threat. Deep dive into ransomware’s evolution, modes of infection, prevention, detection and removal. Gain insights, strategies and tactics to safeguard against attacks and develop a comprehensive response plan.


1. Understanding Ransomware Dynamics: Gain a comprehensive understanding of ransomware, its diverse forms, and the evolving strategies employed by cybercriminals to exploit victims.

2. Historical Context: Trace the historical evolution of ransomware from its early origins to the current sophisticated Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) model, providing insights into its growth and impact.

3. Modes of Infection: Explore the various methods ransomware uses to infiltrate systems, including phishing, exploiting vulnerabilities, credential theft, drive-by-downloads, and multi-layered malware attacks.

4. Preventive Strategies: Acquire insights into proactive measures such as user awareness, data backup, secure authentication, system patching, and specialized anti-ransomware solutions.

5. Detection Techniques: Learn about early-stage detection, recognising ransomware variants, scanning for behavioural anomalies, and adopting a multifaceted approach to bolster cybersecurity.

6. Removal Procedures: Understand the crucial steps involved in removing ransomware, from incident analysis and containment to malware eradication, recovery, and post-incident activities.

7. Comprehensive Response: Equip yourself or your organisation with a comprehensive response plan, emphasising incident handling, recovery, analysis, and continuous improvement in security protocols.

Duration: 31 minutes.