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Call2Teams PBX

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Billing Model: Billed Ahead
Billing Unit: User
Trial: Yes
Partner Shell: No
Support: Pax8 Supported
Call2Teams PBX is the premier cloud service for easily connecting Microsoft Office 365 Teams users to a company phone system (PBX). It delivers the rich calling experience of Microsoft Teams while retaining important functionality of current PBX phone services. The per-user service is delivered from the cloud, with no hardware, software, changes to the existing PBX required.  Call2Teams makes delivering calling features in Microsoft Teams easy. All you need to provision and manage Call2Teams is a modern web browser. Call2Teams global gateways provide a simple link between your existing PBX phone services, and the Office 365 Teams platform. Teams users get to make and receive calls, while you retain any call center software, devices, and integrations with your current PBX.  The solution’s enterprise-grade, high-availability infrastructure runs on Microsoft Azure. Integration between your PBX and Microsoft Teams is easily managed through an intuitive user portal and works with any device that supports Microsoft Teams, including Macs and PCs, smartphones (iPhones, Android, etc.), and tablets (iPad, Windows Tablet, etc.).  Call2Teams is simple to use and designed to be the most user-friendly PBX/Teams integration experience available and offers 100% native Teams experience. Users with Call2Teams integration enjoy the same user experience that Microsoft has designed for Teams. All call features are just as they should be and as documented by Microsoft.  Users don’t have to do anything to use the service, there’s no software to install or manage, managers can be confident that any compliance and reporting features on the existing PBX or phone service stays in place and untouched, reducing the barriers to the adoption and opens up the benefits of Teams integrated calling.  Call2Teams connects with Office 365 via a high-grade Azure Server infrastructure, so using the same secure Cloud technology you are already familiar with. The Call2Teams service also delivers on the demanding requirements of Enterprise users with key features such as high-availability resilient software architecture, around the clock and the globe monitoring, encrypted voice channels, and Azure single-sign-on.


  • Simple web-based admin interface
  • Centralized administration
  • Works on any device that supports Teams
  • End-to-end encryption


  • Easy integration of your PBX and Teams
  • No software or hardware to install
  • No special configuration of your phone system
  • 24/7/365 monitoring services with real-time service alerts