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Billing Model: Bill Ahead
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Support: Pax8 Supported
IRONSCALES Core is a new bundle of advanced email security services and training, including AI powered incident response, mailbox-level business email compromise (BEC), crowdsourced real time threat protection, phishing simulation and training, and a Virtual SOC analyst. IRONSCALES Core includes key modules from the leading self-learning email security platform including: IRONSCALES Irontraps, the first and only automated email phishing protection, detection and incident response module, which eliminates the need for highly trained security analysts to manually deal with every email phishing threat, while reducing the time from phishing detection to remediation from weeks or months to just seconds. IRONSCALES IronSights, an Advanced Mailbox-level Anomaly Detection module that protects users from business email compromise (BEC), email spoofing and impersonations attempts by dynamically learning their mailbox and communication habits. IRONSCALES Federation, an automated and collective phishing campaign detection module that helps businesses to anonymously and automatically detect and share email phishing attack intelligence on the latest campaigns, helping to reduce the success of such attacks. IRONSCALES IronSchool, an advanced platform that provides attack simulation and phishing awareness training, and continuously assesses individual employee behavior and skillsets through short simulated phishing scenarios. IRONSCALES Themis, an AI-based anti-phishing tool that can help predict, with high confidence, the legitimacy of any suspicious emails. It works to reduce risk by resolving unknown phishing threats faster and improves efficiency by minimizing human intervention. Pax8 Academy- IRONSCALES 101


  • IRONSCALES Irontraps
  • IRONSCALES IronSights
  • IRONSCALES Federation
  • IRONSCALES IronSchool


  • AI powered incident response
  • Mailbox-level BEC
  • Crowdsourced real-time protection
  • Phishing simulation and training