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M365 F5 Compliance in GOV Insider Risk Management (Governmental Community Cloud Pricing) [New Commerce Experience]

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Microsoft 365 F5 Compliance is a cloud subscription that adds security and compliance features to a Microsoft 365 subscription. It includes advanced threat protection, data loss prevention, and governance to help organizations meet regulatory requirements. M365 F5 Compliance in GOV Insider Risk Management (Governmental Community Cloud Pricing) is an add-on feature of M365 F5 Compliance. The F5 add-on is available for purchase as an add-on to the Microsoft 365 F1 and F3 SKUs. The F1, F3, and F5 add-ons are five of the Frontline Worker SKUs available from Microsoft. Government/GCC M365 F5 Compliance in GOV Insider Risk Management (Governmental Community Cloud Pricing) provides all the functionality of its enterprise counterpart but is hosted in a separate, secured environment and adds compliance features like accreditations, personnel screening, and data residency that enable the service to meet the unique needs of US Government customers. State and local government customers that require compliance-level data protection and security can also take advantage of M365 F5 Compliance in GOV Insider Risk Management (Governmental Community Cloud Pricing) Eligibility and Validation: Government plans are available to (1) qualified government entities, including US federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial government entities, and (2) other entities (subject to validation of eligibility) who handle data subject to government regulations and requirements, where use of Government is appropriate to meet these regulations and requirements. Click on the links below for more information about GCC customer Eligibility and Validation. When completing the GCC approval form, please ensure that the customer name on the form is no longer than 50 characters. Please note: The approval and provisioning of net-new GCC tenants may take up to five (5) business days to complete.


  • Streamed across devices: You can boot instantly to your Cloud PC, streaming your Windows experience to any of your devices.
  • Always ready and updated: Streamed from the cloud and traveling with you, Windows 365 is always ready and always updated, wherever you are, on whatever device that you want to work on. It’s a simple and versatile Windows experience delivered by the Microsoft cloud.
  • Personal and familiar: Windows 365 is personalised and familiar with all your settings and content, so when you go back into your Cloud PC, it’s right where you left it.


  • Simple to buy, deploy, and manage: Windows 365 simplifies procurement, deployment, management, and updates because unlike other solutions, it uses virtualisation behind the scenes.
  • Predictable costs: Windows 365 makes purchasing Cloud PCs predictable with per-user per-month pricing.
  • Scalable and resilient: Windows 365 is secure by design, using the power of the cloud and the principles of Zero Trust. Information is secured and stored in the cloud and not on the device.