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Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit – Standard P1 AddOn (Governmental Community Cloud Pricing) [New Commerce Experience]

Cost and Price

Determined by Usage


Prices exclude tax (GST, VAT, etc)

Billing Unit: User
Trial: No
Partner Shell: No
Support: Muttii Supported
The Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Standard P1 Add-on cation (Education Faculty Pricing) is a license that is available on the Charity, Government, Education, and Commercial price lists. It is available for a one-year commitment with annual payment and electronic delivery. Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit aligns the capabilities of Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Azure, and LinkedIn to address common nonprofit scenarios—all based on the Nonprofit Common Data Model to unite disparate data sources. Increase funding and support of your mission by aligning program needs with personalized supporter engagements. Empower staff and volunteers to deliver measurable and responsive programs based on community needs. Personalize interactions at scale with real-time, automated campaigns that reach donors, volunteers, and all of your audiences across channels. Protect sensitive data and build trust with supporters, program participants, and employees using integrated, best-in-class security tools. Get 24/7 self-help tools and reactive support from a team of experts, with less than one-hour response to your most critical cases. Access more resources on Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, including how to deploy and configure Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and LinkedIn features to support your nonprofit organization. Government/GCC Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit – Standard P1 AddOn (Governmental Community Cloud Pricing) provides all the functionality of its enterprise counterpart (Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit – Standard P1 AddOn) but is hosted in a separate, secured environment and adds compliance features like accreditations, personnel screening, and data residency that enable the service to meet the unique needs of US Government customers. State and local government customers that require compliance-level data protection and security can also take advantage of Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit – Standard P1 AddOn (Governmental Community Cloud Pricing). Eligibility and Validation: Government plans are available to (1) qualified government entities, including US federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial government entities, and (2) other entities (subject to validation of eligibility) who handle data subject to government regulations and requirements, where use of Government is appropriate to meet these regulations and requirements. Click on the links below for more information about GCC customer Eligibility and Validation. When completing the GCC approval form, please ensure that the customer name on the form is no longer than 50 characters. Please note: The approval and provisioning of net-new GCC tenants may take up to five (5) business days to complete.


  • Security Program for Nonprofits
  • Volunteer Management technology
  • Fundraising and Engagement on Dynamics 365 Sales Enterpris


  • Secure donor and program participant data
  • Deliver programs in time at scale
  • Attract, retain, and grow donors