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Microsoft Defender for IoT – OT site license – L

Cost and Price

Determined by Usage

Prices exclude tax (GST, VAT, etc)

Billing Model: Pay monthly or yearly, annual commitment
Billing Unit: User
Trial: No
Partner Shell: No
Support: Microsoft Supported
Price per licence per month/year

Includes up to 1,000 devices per site; annual subscription—auto renews

Accelerate digital transformation while improving security for OT environments. Microsoft Defender for IoT offers agentless network detection and response (NDR) that is rapidly deployed, works with diverse IoT, OT, and industrial control system (ICS) devices, and interoperates with Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Sentinel, and external security operations centre (SOC) tools.


  • Geared towards large-scale deployments covering a substantial number of IoT devices or endpoints.
  • Enterprise-grade features including multi-tenancy support, customizable policies, extensive reporting, and integration capabilities.
  • Very high scalability, designed to handle massive deployments and complex IoT ecosystems.
  • Excellent performance optimised for large-scale deployments with intensive processing requirements.
  • Enterprise-level integration capabilities with seamless integration into complex IT infrastructures and heterogeneous IoT environments.


  • Strong security and resilience with Microsoft Defender for IoT.
  • Microsoft Defender for IoT and PwC's resilience framework provide asset identification, vulnerability management and threat monitoring.
  • Additional capabilities include: 24/7 threat monitoring of networks and devices.
  • Enterprise-grade support and maintenance services with dedicated support teams, priority escalation, and personalised assistance.
  • Cloud-native deployment options optimized for scalability, agility, and ease of management.