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Microsoft Intune for Government

Cost and Price

Determined by Usage


Prices exclude tax (GST, VAT, etc)

Billing Model: Bill Ahead
Billing Unit: User
Trial: No
Partner Shell: No
Support: Yes
With Microsoft Intune for Government, administrators can easily manage the mobile devices used by their workforce to access company data and manage the mobile apps that they use. It helps to ensure devices and apps are compliant with company security requirements. Intune device management works by using the protocols or APIs that are available in the mobile operating systems. It enables admins to enroll devices so the IT department has an inventory of devices that are accessing corporate services. Devices can be configured to ensure they meet company security and health standards. Admins are also given the ability to remove corporate data from managed devices, in the event the devices are lost or stolen. With Intune app management, admins can assign mobile apps to employees, and configure apps with standard settings that are used when the app runs. The service enables control over how corporate data is used and shared by mobile apps. Intune reports can be run on mobile app inventory and on employee mobile app usage. Government/GCC Microsoft Intune for Government provides all the functionality of its enterprise counterpart (Microsoft Intune) but is hosted in a separate, secured environment and adds compliance features like accreditations, personnel screening, and data residency that enable the service to meet the unique needs of US Government customers. State and local government customers that require compliance-level data protection and security can also take advantage of Microsoft Intune for Government. Eligibility and Validation: Microsoft Intune Government plans are available to (1) qualified government entities, including US federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial government entities, and (2) other entities (subject to validation of eligibility) who handle data subject to government regulations and requirements, where use of Microsoft Intune Government is appropriate to meet these regulations and requirements. Click on the links below for more information about GCC customer Eligibility and Validation. When completing the GCC approval form, please ensure that the customer name on the form is no longer than 50 characters. Please note: The approval and provisioning of net-new GCC tenants may take up to five (5) business days to complete.


  • Mobile device management
  • Mobile app management
  • Application security


  • Control how workforce accesses and shares corporate info
  • Supports compliance efforts
  • Protect corporate data from loss and theft