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Planner Plan 1 [New Commerce Experience]

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Microsoft Project Plan 1 enables users to start quickly and manage projects easily via a web browser. With Project Plan 1, users gain visibility through a variety of different views including. Use grid view for planning and managing projects using an ordered list of tasks. Board view, lets users visually track project tasks for better workflow and status, using out-of-box and custom task boards. And timeline (Gantt) view helps team members track and understand dates, assignments and the relationships of project tasks in visual timeline view. Project Plan 1 promotes collaboration and communication via Microsoft Teams, and coauthoring features that enable stakeholders and team members to edit and update task lists and protect schedules simultaneously. This introductory package includes familiar planning and scheduling tools like Gantt charts and built-in customizable templates to get you started.


  • Use easy and efficient planning and status tracking
  • Multiple project views
  • Works with Microsoft Teams


  • Easy to use
  • Promotes efficient scheduling
  • Enables users to easily manage resources