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Printix Cloud Print Management

Cost and Price

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Billing Unit: User
Trial: Yes
Partner Shell: No
Support: Pax8 Supported
Printix Cloud Print Management is a cloud-based print management software that is flexible, scalable and easy to use. This solution allows users to print anytime, anywhere from any device to any printer. Easily onboard new employees and support roaming users with print-ready universal configurations. Release print jobs using browser, smartphone or tablet on any printer any model. And a central web-based management lets you configure and control printers, print queues, print drives, and more. Serverless print infrastructure means that you don’t have to worry about print server scalability, capacity planning, and VPN. There is no manual effort involved in maintaining Printix Client, as it will silently update itself to the latest approved version. Print processing is done locally on the computer, so no additional network traffic is needed to transfer print data to a print server. Get secure and flexible methods of printing with Printix with Printix Client, which temporarily stores print data encrypted on the computer and notifies Printix Cloud about the document. Users can print directly (as usual), or they can print securely and release documents from Printix App on their phone, tablet, or computer. Pending documents can also be stored in your own secure cloud storage (Azure Blob Storage or Google Cloud Storage). To offer the flexibility of being able to print across different networks or geographic locations, like from home to the office or between branch offices, the print jobs can be relayed via the Printix Cloud. For printing to work, a user’s computer (with Printix Client installed) must be on the same company network as the printer. By enabling Printing via the cloud, users can print to this printer from any location like another company network or from home. Printing is achieved via the Printix Cloud and a Printix Client computer on the printer’s network. The document remains secure during the transfer over the Internet as the document itself and the communication are both SSL encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a key length of 256 bits. The document is also encrypted internally when routed and printed internally.


  • Printix Cloud lets you print from any device to any printer
  • Printix Client automates the creation of print queues and installation of print drivers
  • Printix for Chromebook optimizes printing on Chromebooks
  • Printix Administrator configures Printix and manages your printers
  • Printix App releases documents on Printix managed printers
  • Printix Redirector enables printing to a locally attached USB printer


  • Fast onboarding
  • Supports any printer
  • Inexpensive to use
  • Print-ready setup
  • Central web-based management