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Splashtop Enterprise Attended (Tech License)

Cost and Price

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Billing Model: Bill Ahead
Billing Unit: User
Trial: Yes
Partner Shell: No
Support: Yes
Splashtop Enterprise maximizes your IT support team’s productivity and revolutionizes on-demand support with advanced performance, security, and service desk workflows. Splashtop supports SSO integrations with Okta, Azure AD, ADFS, JumpCloud, OneLogin, Workspace ONE, G-Suite, and TrustLogin. Advanced on-demand support experience: technician grouping, service channel management and invite links, SOS Call, session routing, and more. Redirect a USB device (smart card, security key, stylus, gaming controller, printer, HID device) from your local computer to the remote computer. The redirected device works just like it’s plugged in to the remote computer (currently supports Windows only). You can also use your local microphone as the input to your remote computer. IT admins can specify role-based and user-based granular permissions for features such as attended access, file transfer, remote print, 2FA enforcement, and more. Manage schedules and policies for when users and groups of users can access certain endpoints. Security is at the essence of Splashtop’s operations and architecture. All sign-ins undergo mandatory device authentication and optional two-factor authentication. Sessions are protected with TLS and 256-bit AES encryption. Finally, connect to your end users’ computers to deliver remote support and resolve issues using Splashtop Enterprise directly from the ServiceNow platform.


  • SSO/SAML integration
  • Granular user and group permissions
  • Unattended & attended remote access
  • Endpoint monitoring & management
  • Service desk features including support queue, channels, session routing, and technician management
  • Seamless integration with existing IT systems


  • Get enterprise-grade security and compliance standards that keep your data protected
  • Enhance end user support with service desk capabilities that increase technician efficiency with powerful session routing and organization. Resolve issues faster with simple connection flows and technician collaboration.
  • Ensure endpoints are secure and updated with unattended access, monitoring, alerting and management features
  • Easily manage users, devices and access permissions from a centralized console that integrates seamlessly into your existing IT environment, ticketing systems, and technician workflows.