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Vade for M365

Cost and Price

Determined by Usage


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Billing Model: Usage-based
Billing Unit: User
Trial: Yes
Partner Shell: No
Support: Yes
Vade for M365 is an email security solution that provides threat protection, user awareness training, and incident response. This solution deploys in minutes, layers with EOP, and configurations that only require an initial setup. With over 100 billion emails scanned per day, Vade uses an AI engine that continually learns from the latest Microsoft 365 email threats and decimates dynamic phishing, ransomware, and spear phishing attacks. Vade for M365 is ideal for busy MSPs who want to spend less time administering and more time focusing on their business. It offers high-value, low-touch features that empower MSPs to create a robust managed security service with a single solution that is easy to use and manage. Vade for M365 continually scans mailboxes, automatically removes email threats post-delivery, and remediates email threats across tenants, while managing client cybersecurity from a central location. Vade also offers SIEM integration and advanced threat investigation tools to conduct deep threat analysis. And finally, contextual training and course-correct when a user interacts with a malicious email make sure that everyone in the company stays alert.


  • Remediates email threats across tenants
  • Continually scans mailboxes
  • Delivers automated, contextual training
  • Offers SIEM integration and advanced threat investigation tools


  • Layers with EOP
  • Deploys in minutes
  • Set it and forget it configurations
  • No MX record change