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Valimail Core

Cost and Price

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Billing Model: Bill in Arrears / Usage Based (as of April 1st)
Trial: No
Partner Shell: No
Support: Pax8 Supported
Valimail Core Valimail Core is the better, smarter way to accelerate your journey to DMARC enforcement. Stop phishing attacks before they reach your customers. While 15% of companies reach DMARC enforcement, 90% of Valimail customers achieve highly accurate and continuous enforcement within 90 days. All without any manual SPF and DKIM configuration. Use a single, user-friendly interface to control all SPF, DKIM, and DMARC operations across domains and services without having to fiddle with DNS or IP addresses. We’ve removed all the complications to email authentication, so it’s as easy as following a simple checklist from your dashboard. Valimail Instant SPF® automatically updates to configure all your services. It is the only solution that instantly creates SPF records that are appropriately customized to each email server request. It guarantees 100% accuracy for every single email, 24/7, regardless of network changes to services or underlying email service providers. Valimail has thousands of pre‐identified unique sending services to automate onboarding of even your most obscure sending services. You can also configure “good senders” with proper DMARC authentication right within our app and dynamically keep track of thousands of third-party email services and configurations so you don’t have to.


  • Get up to 10% boost in email deliverability
  • Get continuous enforcement
  • One-click authorization for up to 100% of services within your ecosystem
  • Meet the newly required Google & Yahoo DMARC, DKIM, SPF requirements


  • Good emails never blocked
  • 100% compliant
  • Multi Tenancy and RBAC supported