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WatchGuard Endpoint Security Module: Advanced Reporting Tool NFR

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WatchGuard Endpoint Security Module: Advanced Reporting lets you discover who and what is in your network. Instantly get an accurate view of the systems in your environment, the software they are running, and the users involved. WatchGuard Advanced Reporting Tool provides high-grade visibility that helps IT teams build dashboards with contextual information to quickly spot problems, speed response rates, and get results. WatchGuard Advanced Reporting Tool can process a large volume of data captured from every endpoint. It automatically generates security intelligence for cybersecurity professionals, providing a world of knowledge far beyond just malware detections, and includes 12 months of data retention for retrospective analysis. This solution includes indicators, searches and pre-set alerts in all areas to reduce the attack surface. You’ll learn about security incidents, access to critical information, network resources and programs used, and shadow IT apps installed on endpoints. Finally, raise the cost effectiveness of your operations by reducing licensing costs, controlling bandwidth consumption, and monitoring non-corporate applications. Focus on essential details without jumping in and out of multiple tools. This endpoint security module can be added to WatchGuard EDR and EPDR installations to provide IT teams with query tools and widgets, with the ability to look accurately into data and processes, and with the context that they need to find, triage, and investigate activities that may otherwise go unnoticed in your network.


  • Receive alerts about suspicious behaviors
  • Use data search and contextual analysis for detailed investigations
  • Control bandwidth consumption to prevent resource misuse


  • Detect network inbound and outbound connections to suspicious locations
  • Identify outliers and anomalies that might be threats
  • Monitor the execution of legitimate software