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WatchGuard Endpoint Security Module: Full Disk Encryption NFR

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WatchGuard Full Encryption secures endpoints and their data to prevent data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive information. Working remotely or from the office has significantly increased a company’s likelihood of misplaced, lost, or stolen laptops and USB drives every day. This new hybrid workspace makes it more critical than ever for IT admins to minimize data exposure and provide an additional layer of security and control to your organization. Under this premise, WatchGuard Full Encryption leverages Windows BitLocker, a proven and stable Microsoft technology, to encrypt disks and USB drives without impacting end users. WatchGuard Full Encryption hides valuable information from unauthorized eyes by encoding data using established authentication mechanisms so security professionals can ensure that only authorized users can see and access it. Some of the most important regulations, such as GDPR, LOPD, LDPD or CCPA, strongly recommend disk encryption implementation to strengthen data security and enforce the intended access. WatchGuard Full Encryption helps you protect sensitive information from unauthorized access while enabling appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the proper defense of your systems.


  • Enforce and deploy disk and removable storage encryption policies
  • Prove laptops and USB drives encryption status with real-time data
  • Report on encryption status


  • Prevent loss, theft, and unauthorized access to data
  • Centrally manage user recovery keys through the web console
  • Enable pre-boot authentication to verify user’s identity