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Whether you’re a clinic owner or part of a specialist group. We deliver technology solutions to meet your clinical & business requirements.


the clinical setup

Our Australian based engineering helpdesk supports hundreds of specialists from all around Australia and continue to ensure they are operational from the clinic, hospital or temporary rooms.

We don’t believe in a one price for all model. It simply does not work for specialists since there are so many variables. At REND, we have different support and hosting plans to support specialists with different requirements & budgets.

The specialist sector ranks #1 in the utilisation of cloud and hosting solutions. All of our specialists work reliably and securely knowing their data is hosted in world class cloud computing platforms.

Buying computers and installing them is easy. Setting up the technology for a new specialist clinic is more complex as it requires planning and considering the smallest & an infinite number of variables. Ask us about our latest specialist clinic implementations.

Ok so having remote access is cute. Being able to log in is nice but let’s put this to you. Would you be confident in knowing that your remote access solution is secure enough and is encrypted to comply with the legal standards? Want to find out?

We’ll just leave it there. No more IT issues! We approach technology and digital health very differently. We first conduct a number of audits to identify the issues, fix them and then watch you sail into the sunset. Really easy right!!

Strategic partners

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AWS Global Innovation Partner of the Year

Muttii’s data and application modernisation, analytics and AI solutions plus customer service transformation drive better patient outcomes, regulatory compliance and overall efficiency.

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Go gold to help customers manage their green

Muttii Consulting’s Gold Partner status with Microsoft includes deep healthcare industry expertise to deliver differentiated customer experiences across channels, products and services.

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Healthcare transformation to adapt to changing environments

Muttii Consulting and Salesforce enable high impact opportunities for fast optimization. Making crucial changes quickly improves patient and customer experience, optimizes staff time and supports decision making.

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What your ERP can do for a new healthcare model

Muttii Consulting has SAP experts to help ensure that you get the most from your SAP investments and that you are able to ensure compliance, manage financial performance and control costs.

Digital transformation

Genie On The Cloud

Revolutionise healthcare and clinical setups by providing seamless, cloud-based solutions for patient management, data security, and real-time collaboration. Enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and deliver superior patient care with our innovative technology. Transform your healthcare operations with Genie On The Cloud today.

Specialist Clinic Setup

Transform your healthcare delivery with our Specialist Clinic Setup services. We provide comprehensive solutions for establishing state-of-the-art clinical facilities, ensuring top-tier patient care. From design to implementation, our expert team streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on what matters most—delivering exceptional healthcare.

IT Support Services

Enhance your healthcare operations with our specialized IT Support Services. We provide seamless integration, 24/7 monitoring, and robust security solutions to ensure your clinical setup runs smoothly. Trust us to optimize your technology infrastructure, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

Cloud Hosting Services

Enhance your healthcare and clinical operations with our Cloud Hosting Services. Ensure seamless access to patient data, robust security, and reliable performance. Our tailored solutions support compliance with healthcare regulations, ensuring your data is safe, accessible, and efficient. Transform your practice with cutting-edge cloud technology.

In The Hospital

We collaborate with the hospital's technology & IT team to ensure that whilst operating, you have secure and reliable access to your patient data without any hiccups or challenges. One of the biggest challenges facing hospitals is the facilitation of network access within the theatre rooms for the specialists. We take care of that headache by liaising with the hospital and ensure it's all systems go before you operate.

Data Analytics

Unlock the power of data analytics in healthcare! Enhance patient care, streamline operations, and make informed clinical decisions with cutting-edge analytics. Our solutions provide actionable insights, improving outcomes and efficiency in clinical setups. Transform healthcare with precise, data-driven strategies today.


End To End support

Private Practice IT Setup

Ensure your private practice is secure and efficient with our comprehensive IT setup services. We specialise in safeguarding patient data, optimising network performance, and providing robust cybersecurity solutions tailored to healthcare professionals. Trust us to create a seamless, HIPAA-compliant digital environment for your practice.

Real Mobility

Empower your healthcare team with our Real Mobility solutions. We provide secure, seamless access to patient data on-the-go, ensuring compliance and protecting sensitive information. Enhance productivity and patient care with our state-of-the-art mobile cybersecurity measures, designed specifically for the healthcare environment.

Be Cyber Secure

Protect your healthcare organization with our Be Cyber Secure services. We offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions designed to shield sensitive patient data from threats. Our proactive approach includes constant monitoring, advanced threat detection, and swift incident response, ensuring your practice remains compliant and secure.

Control Your Costs

Optimize your healthcare cybersecurity budget with our Control Your Costs services. We provide tailored solutions that maximize protection while minimizing expenses. Our strategic approach includes cost-effective security measures, efficient resource allocation, and ongoing risk assessments, ensuring robust protection without breaking the bank. Secure your practice and control your costs today.

Grow Your Clinic

Expand your healthcare practice confidently with our Grow Your Clinic services. We offer scalable cybersecurity solutions that protect patient data and ensure compliance as your clinic grows. Our expert team provides robust security frameworks, continuous monitoring, and strategic guidance, empowering you to focus on patient care while we secure your digital infrastructure.

VoIP & Telephony

Enhance your healthcare communications with our secure VoIP & Telephony services. We provide encrypted, reliable voice solutions tailored to medical practices, ensuring HIPAA compliance and protecting patient privacy. Experience crystal-clear calls, seamless integration, and robust security features, all designed to keep your clinic connected and secure. Communicate with confidence.

Accreditations we are Proud of


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